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"Mini Ghost" is a mini metroidvania where the mini hero has to... well, reading can be rather boring, right? I'll best show you the introduction of the game with a mini comic:


- MSX look and feel

- 100 mini rooms

- 4 mini bosses

- 24 mini items to collect or buy in mini shops

- Mini comics included

- Around 2 mini hours of gameplay

- Mini price!

- Prequel of Ghost 1.0

- Done by the mini creator of Unepic


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

miniGhost 19 MB


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gynoid with dreads!

I thought this was pretty cute and definitely had an MSX feel to it! There was a strong variety of enemy mechanics against such a simple player character, and there were other nice touches too, like the explicit warnings about not being able to explore an area yet (dark/landmines). My only real misgiving was with the fetch quest to get the item to fight the final boss with... if there'd been more of that thing in the game before then, I'd have been more likely to do that exploring on my own and find/remember that 4 gate. As it was, I'd gotten through the rest of the game by targeting one corner of the map after another, so that quest came out of nowhere and took a long time to figure out. But overall there were fun challenges and cute graphics, so thank you for making this.

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Hello, Fran!
Thanks you for this nice small game, i played long time ago.

Special thanks you for:

+ Indication places where we can pass after collect new ability. And shops where still left non buyed items (no need walk around the whole map).
+ Saving to every place where no enemies (is saves a lot of time).
+ Game isn't artificially prolonged. Is enough short to not start boring. Game not long and boring (now many developers artificially prolong short games).


A picture is worth zero words in this case. May as well add at least a one-sentence description, whether you fix the missing comic or not.

Yep, the comic is not appearing here


Comic is missing!

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